Correct base_z (height) for Surface Volume (3D) with z_factor != 1?

08-18-2016 01:17 PM
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What are the correct units for input base_z (height) into Surface Volume (3D) when the z_factor is not default (1.0)?

I am working with a DEM which has lateral (xy) units of meters and vertical (z) units of centimeters. I need to calculate the volume below a height (measured in centimeters). I have used the following syntax to do this:


arcpy.SurfaceVolume_3d(r'C:\mydem.tif', r'C:\mycsv.csv', 'Below', height, z_factor=0.01)


Should the base_z (height) be specified in units of meters, or units of centimeters?


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100 cm / meter * 1m * 1m = 1m^3  therefore if you have 50 cm then you have 0.5m*1m*1m= 0.5m^3   what is the factor needed to produce the conversion

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