Clipping Rasters in ModelBuilder

07-14-2022 12:23 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am attempting to set up a model that will clip two separate rasters to the bounds of a polygon. The polygon is in a FC that serves as an AOI. I want to clip NLCD land cover and NLCD tree canopy to this AOI. Model is set up like so...


Not running/verifying the model inside the model environment because in application it will be used as a tool - see below.



I have linked the AOI variable as both the Rectangle and the Extent parameter of both Clip Raster tools. The error I am getting is  ERROR 000964: Specified extent is invalid. 

When I run this outside of the model, just using the geoprocessing tool, it is successful on both rasters.

Any ideas? TIA.

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The extent polygon and rasters all need to be in the same coordinate system. You don't actually state that information, so my guess that is your problem.

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