Table to Fields

07-14-2014 12:32 PM

Table to Fields

Geoprocessing script tool to add multiple fields to a feature class or table. This tool uses a field definition table to define the parameters needed to run the 'Add field' tool and then runs that tool for each row in the field definition table.

Included in the zip file is a file geodatabase with an example field definition table. Domains are set up on this table to make it easy to enter in parameters.

The script tool makes use of the geoprocessing framework to do validation. The validation will take place after the field definition table has been specified and will generate the output schema based on the field definition table. This means that fields that this tool creates can be consumed 'downstream' in model bulder (eg delete field or calculate field).

The field definition table can be any ArcGIS supported table (Info, DBF, Geodatabase, Microsoft Excel).


This is the same tool that was found in the OLD geoprocessing gallery.

TableToFields | ArcGIS Resource Center

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