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Carsharing service with Zero Emissions - Thomas Felber, BeeZero®

08-08-2017 09:53 AM
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Thomas Felber, IT Manager - Hydrogen Mobility, Linde AG, talks at GeoDev Meetup 3 2017 - Maps for Everybody (hosted by Google) in Munich.

"BeeZero® is the world's largest and friendliest car sharing with hydrogen. With BeeZero, a new environmentally friendly and modern form of mobility comes into the city. Thanks to the innovative hydrogen technology, we help you to reduce pollutants and traffic noise without sacrificing the convenience of a car. Learn about how we built a fully functional car sharing system within 100 days from scratch. In this talk you will also hear about the telematics used to operate and maintain to cars, the challenges we faced around map visualization and why we decided to start from scratch. Bee part of it, Beezero."

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