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Why use ArcSDE?

11-22-2015 02:17 AM
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Hello All,

I am a novice in this area of the ArcGIS platform, and more generally with RDBMSs, but wanted to gather some information directly from the user community.

Why do we need to use ArcSDE as middleware to connect ArcGIS Desktop with an RDBMS?

More specifically, why can't we simply connect directly to the spatially-enabled versions of a RDBMS such as Oracle Spatial or the SQL Server equivalent without the use of ArcSDE? And then load and edit features directly in ArcGIS Desktop?

I would imagine that these types of RDBMSs would be able to manage multiuser editing environments, provide versioining control and user group access permissions - just like SDE.

With GeoMedia Desktop Professional, for example, connections can be made directly with SQL Server Spatial

Your responses would be very much appreciated!


Nevin Wilson

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In this GeoNet page, at the top-right corner, if you search with the word "ArcSDE" or "Why use ArcSDE", you will get some helpful topics &  discussions related to your question (as follows):

These may be helpful to you.

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Nevin, this looks to be a duplicate post of  Why use ArcSDE?   in the GIS space. Instead of starting this duplicate post here, it would be better to move the other to  Geodatabase     since it has more comments.  You will not see the "move" option if viewing from your email link, but if you open the title in a new tab, you should see the option over in the right column.  Then this one can be deleted....however, I think Joshua Bixby 's post is helpful, so he should add it to you other post.

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Sigh, this is worse than a cross-post because the OP's original question was asked and answered.  This duplicate post didn't come until 3 days later after others had already commented.  Unless the OP wants to demonstrate some effort to read through documentation and ask specific questions tied to requirements, it isn't worth anyone's future time to comment any further.

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everyone else go here Re: Why use ArcSDE?

best I can do folks...don't have moving privileges on this site.... perhaps the hint will be taken... I would suggest copying and pasting your good answers to the link an deleting yours here.

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Dan Patterson​, thanks, and I understand about the limitations of the platform.  I inquired about the ability to merge thread; but alas, Jive comes up short in that arena.

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