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What gets edited (or needs edit access) when connecting to an SDE geodatabase?

04-23-2015 07:33 AM
New Contributor II

We are using Oracle Data Guard with our production SDE Geodatabase (10.2.1) and want to test using the physical standby database (in readonly mode) as a database for reporting and data extractions.  When we tried to connect via ArcCatalog, it failed because the DB is readonly.  We assume we will have the same problem using ArcMap.  For reporting and data extractions, we probably wouldn't be using ArcCatalog or ArcMap but instead either web services or versioned views (which we haven't tested yet).

So my question is what table(s) get updated or require write access when using either ArcCatalog, ArcMap, a web service or a versioned view to connect?  I understand the answer may be different depending on the mode of access.  Is what we are trying to do (access a geodatabase in readonly mode at the DB level) even possible?

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