What does bulk publishing from data store respect ?

03-22-2020 08:13 PM
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I am trying to publish several feature services stored in an enterprise geodatabase (postgres) via the new bulk publish capability in Portal 10.7.1 :

Publish layers in bulk from a user-managed data store—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS E... 

One of my service consists of a point FL and a relationship class with a table. Once published I have a feature service for the point FL and another feature service for the table. And of course the relationship is not respected.

Note that the publishing is based on the data owner and creator's connexion (.sde) and not the SDE user.

So I am wondering what functionalities does the bulk publishing respect ?

- Relationship --> Obviously not in 10.7.1, and there is no evidence it does in 10.8

- functionnalities in database (domains, subtypes, attribute rules) ?

Thank you

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Very late reply but it's a good question.

We are at 10.9  and related tables are still not respected.

From what I have tried, domains & subtypes are respected.  Haven't tried attribute rules.

Not all metadata goes through to the feature services.   Only really the name, the tags, and description.  Categories are not sent through to the service. 

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