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02-26-2016 05:36 PM
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I am new to SQL2012... upgraded from SQL08. 
Two questions -

In SQL08 we did views for certain layers, but now that all my data is in the Local Gov Info Model which has  
  several feature datasets, having the view appear at the very bottom of my data layers in ArcCatalog is confusing
  for my departments. Would like have my views placed with the feature dataset. That way the planning dpt. can see the
  views that apply to their data inside the LandusePlanning feature dataset etc.
  So at 10.3 and above can views that join spatial data to tables live inside a feature dataset?

Second question - When I look at the data in my SQL Server management studio window, I see that every
layer in my database has a corresponding view  in the SQL database called LAYERNAME_EVW
What are these? When I look at them in design view they like preconfigured views that I just need to update?

Thank you


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Regarding your second question, the answer is "versioned views."  From What is a versioned view:

Versioned views are automatically created for tables or feature classes that are registered as versioned in ArcGIS 10.1 or later releases. If you register a feature dataset as versioned, a versioned view is created on each feature class in the feature dataset. The view that is created has the same name as the table or feature class with _evw appended to the end.

Regarding your first question, my reflex answer is "no," but I also can't say for sure without revisiting the documentation.  Maybe someone else can chime in with a good documentation link.

Enterprise geodatabases are great data stores, they are much less great at being a data catalog.  Attempts to organize data within enterprise geodatabases based on visual presentation instead of functional requirements typically leads to functional issues, performance issues, or both down the road.  For folks with GIS in their job title, hopefully what you describe isn't confusing to them.  For the masses, there are numerous other avenues for cataloguing GIS data where visual presentation and discoverability can be emphasized.

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No, as Joshua mentioned, you cannot create the new Views inside the Datasets. (Unless someone knows of a trick to do that).

Starting from 10.1, whenever you 'Register as Versioned' a feature class, it automatically creates the Versioned Views. Thats what you are observing.

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