very slow to "select feature location" enterprise geodatabase

01-17-2022 03:33 PM
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I have a problem on Enterprise Geodatabase PostgreSQL 9.4 when I use some geoprocessing tools when select "Feature Class Location" is veryyy slow to select feature dataset, around 2 hours to select.

I clear metadata history as some people tell but nothing. My server is windows 2016 on Azure.

When I select a tinny feature dataset is ok, but when I choose a feature dataset with 10 huge feature classes, is toooo slow. I don't know what I do to solve this problem. any help ?


Note that, when I use pgadmin to select data is everything ok, using ArcGIS PRO ou ArcCatalog no. very slow. 

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I don't know PostGRE SQL, but slow in SQL Server equals a few things to me.  Managing SQL Server logs to make them smaller and managing the geodatabase.  Is the GDB (traditionally) versioned and are their a lot of edits stored in the Delta tables?  Has it been a long time since your last rec/post?  That can slow you down... or is that what you mean by clearing the metadata history?  If its not that, it could be your Azure setup.  I don't manage our Azure account, but I know their are different tiers and resource limits and I know you can check your Metrics to see if you are maxing any of them out.  If you are you can scale up your resources (memory, number of cores, stuff like that).  

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