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04-17-2016 01:25 AM
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I have one Edit child version and one default parent SDE version. when i try to reconcile from Edit version to SDE default version attached error is coming.I am using arcgis 10.4 and Oracle


The edit version data has almost 20 thousand records.Please help me in reconciling to Default SDE parent.

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Did you by any chance add fields from the database end, one of them named 'TYPE', for that Feature Class in the error message?

If yes, A and D tables are not aware of these new columns since they were added from database side.

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Dear Asrujit,

No i haven't added any field  in version data.One thing i came to know is that our GIS administrator have updated  arcgis 10.3 to 10.4.

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Any suggestions to resolve this error?

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You can always try to export your child version feature class to a file geodatabase; this will ensure you have a copy of your 20,000 edits.  Name the export something obvious (Dataset_xxx_child_edits).

Is this the only feature class you have edits in?  If there are additional feature classes, then you might want to back them up as well.

Now, if there are hundreds or more feature classes with edits in them, please let me know before continuing with this suggestion:

I would recommend trying:

After you have backed up all your edits, delete your child version.  Compress your database to ensure it returns state “0”.

  1. Make a copy of your original parent version feature class (with the data that was not updated) in the same database, call it "_backup" at the end of the name.
    1. Use arcpy.TruncateTable_management() to truncate your original feature class.  This will delete all your data in the feature class (why step one is essential in backing up your original Parent version content).
    2. Utilize arcpy.Append_management() to load the data from your child version (Dataset_xxx_child_edits) backup to the parent feature class.
      • Append will indicate if you have a schema issue, you will not be able to append the new data if there was a schema change.
      • If this runs successfully, you have applied your new edited data changes to the original parent.  Check this manually (geometries, attributes).
      • If this tool runs unsuccessfully without a schema issue, please post.
    3. After verification that new data is in original parent feature class
        1. Delete your child backup (Dataset_xxx_child_edits).
        2. Delete your copied original parent dataset "_backup"
        3. Create a new child version of your geodatabase.

Please post any follow up information or questions.



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Try to Run Diagnose Version Metadata and Diagnose Version Tables in order to identify inconsistencies in the delta (A and D) tables of a versioned geodatabase or inconsistencies within the system tables used to manage versions and states in a versioned geodatabase.

If any errors arise try to run Repair Version Metadata and Repair Version Tables.