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Unable to update replica changes

08-18-2015 11:54 AM
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We have an issue regarding the replication process in place.  There is a parent-child replica created last year where our parent Gdb is our production database (Oracle) and the child Gdb is our web published database (MS Sql Server).  Recently we changed the schema on the parent child due to operational needs.  We created new domains, a subtype and a new field in our parcel feature class.  We export the replica schema from our parent db, compared to the child db, and finally imported the schema changes using the Distribution tools.  The issue is that only the new field was created in the child db, no domains or subtype.  Also, almost all the values in the new field remain null after synchronizing changes. Trying additional runs to compare and import schema changes return “No schema changes found for this replica pair”.  I even modify an existing domain in the parent replica without any success.  After doing some research I found a known issue in ESRI about changes in subtypes and domains synchronized between parent and child in a one-way replica through the compare replica schema (NIM-070970).  Apparently no resolution was identified since the problem was not reproducible.  As frustrating as that is, the question remains…why if the new field was successfully created, almost no values are updated when synchronization occurs? The same behaviour was found from our SQL Server to a FGdb created.  Any suggestion or workaround. 

Ulises Feliciano Troche
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