Trouble creating a database

10-03-2018 06:41 AM
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I can not create an sql server express database from arccatalogue;

here is the error message:

                                                    Error creating this geodatabase.
                                                    The application does not have a license to perform this operation

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Hi Ikbel,

Are you attempting to setup a Desktop Database Server in ArcGIS? Are you going through the steps shown in the documentation below? If so, what step in the process are you seeing this error?

Set up a database server—Database Server (Desktop) installation guide | ArcGIS Desktop 

What version of ArcCatalog are you working with (10.6.1, 10.5.1, etc) and what is your license level for ArcGIS Desktop (Basic, Standard, or Advanced)? 



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Thanks Jonathan,

I installed sql server express 2017 (64 bit).

The installation is done successfully and I created a database that I want

to attach with ArcCatalogue (10.6).

the first problem is that i could not create a database with arccatalogue

and the second is that i could not attach an existing database.

Help me Please.


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It sounds like you installed a stand-alone instance of SQL Server Express 2017 rather than going through the Setup a Database Server process in our documentation, is that right? I also want to make sure you are using ArcGIS 10.5.x or 10.6.x as those are the only 2 versions we support SQL Server Express 2017 on. Are you using one of those ArcGIS versions?

Even with an instance of SQL Server Express installed, you need to run through the Database Server setup wizard to enable geodatabase storage on that instance. So you'll want to use the documentation I sent over before to do this. Under the heading "Start the Setup Wizard", you'll see this:

"If you already have an instance of SQL Server Express installed that you want to use as a database server, uncheck the Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition option in the Installation Options dialog box and skip to Enable geodatabase storage; otherwise, proceed with SQL Server Express installation"

So you'll want to skip the installation part and move to the enable geodatabase storage part. You won't be able to create a new SQL database using ArcGIS if you haven't gone through the workflow outlined in the documentation I sent over.