Synchronize Replica Failed - Cannot Insert Duplicate Key Row in Object

09-26-2017 01:26 PM
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I recently started getting the following error:

I've made no changes to my data that I can think of and I can't find any reference online to this error. Anyone have some resources to point me towards?

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i have a smilar problem, How was did you solved this problem?

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Hi Levi,

We have seen this error before with spatial index corruption.

Try following workflow:

1. In SQL Server Management Studio, run the below query as "dbo" or "sa" user to find the Object_id of the problematic feature class. 

select * from sys.indexes where name = ‘S4717_idx’;

2. Then use object_id to identify the feature class:

 select * from sys.objects where OBJECT_ID= 'xxxxx';

3. Rebuild the spatial index for that feature class.



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