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Symbolizing features based on related records using branch versioned data

11-03-2020 07:00 AM
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I have a tree feature class with a one to many relationship to an inspection table in a SDE database. With traditional versioning I am able to create a query layer showing the most recent inspection, publishing this to Portal for ArcGIS and symbolizing the tree condition. I switched to branch version and realized that I can't do SQL queries anymore, however symbolizing the trees based on the last entry in the related table is crucial to the workflow. I am wondering if there is any other way to accomplish this or do I need to go back to traditional versioning George Thompson If I have to go back to traditional versioning what are the steps to built back?
Searching "query related records on feature service" ArcGIS REST API comes up a lot - maybe that's the way to go?
Thanks a lot,
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It looks like you can have a related table: Register a dataset as branch versioned—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

  • For datasets participating in relationship classes, the primary key of the relationship must not use the Object ID field. For more information, see Relationship class properties.

I am not sure about symbolizing on the related table from the branch versioned layers.

If you go back to traditional versioning, you would need to Reconcile and post edits to a branch version—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation, delete all the branch versions (not DEFAULT) then unregister as branch versioned then follow the traditional workflows.

I have NOT tested these workflows out: moving from branch --> traditional versioning, using REST API for related data

I would also recommend testing this in a DEV environment before making changes in a PROD system.

--- George T.
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Thanks George Thompson‌ for your quick response. I decided to stick with branch versioning, and using python to symbolize my data might be the only option I have right now. However, I think that's a little much for a basic GIS task.