SQL Updates to Versioned View not showing in Desktop

03-30-2016 04:09 PM
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I have a bit of a strange one - we are doing updates to a default version in versioned views (to update a linking number to another system), the update works fine, however in Desktop (10.2) the updates don't necessarily display correctly.

If you have the Feature Class open at the time the update is fired, it may or may not show the updated values in the identify or table tools until you relaunch the application, is there some sort of caching at the application level that may be causing this?  Hitting Reload Cache in the Table tool doesnt appear to update the values though

Relaunching Desktop and opening the FC again shows the updates as expected - its not a showstopper, its just annoying!

Any ideas?

My Environment - 10.2 for Desktop and Server, SQL Server 2008

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by Anonymous User
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Are you executing "commits" after the update sentencies?

Jesús de Diego

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Yes, if we open the feature class after the edit has been made the edits are reflected - its only if the FC is open at the time of the edits it isnt reflected

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Instead of closing all the way out of ArcMap and relaunching, what if you remove the feature class in question and add it back in?  Does it show the updated data?

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Hi Thomas,

Even I have seen similar behavior however in our case, refreshing ArcMap using the refresh button at the bottom was enough or even panning around used to help see the new edits in ArcMap.

Have you tried the refresh button?

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