SQL permission to execute DisconnectUsers?

09-24-2014 07:56 PM
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What is the level of permission or explicit permission that is required to be able to execute the arcpy.DisconnectUsers function?  the GDB administrator account is set up a db_owner, but unable to run this function.  I was able to run as the SQL instance sysadmin, but I need a happy medium.  Something that I can script and schedule with stored credentials that are not over privileged. 

Thanks for the assistance!


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I think it used to be documented, but can't find it in the ArcGIS docs at the moment.  The SQL-Server KILL directive is used to terminate  sessions.  It requires ALTER ANY CONNECTION privilege.

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You need to grant the login 'processadmin' fixed server role.

Removing connections from a geodatabase in SQL Server:

ArcGIS Help 10.1

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Actually, still need some assistance here, if possible....
The database user that requires the ability to execute DisconnectUser does now have "processadmin" at the server level.
This user is NOT the geodatabase administrator.

We are using the DBO schema.

What pieces are we missing?  The DL user is intended to be a service level data loader user, they can drop, add and truncate feature classes and tables, which they can currently do. Though, we would like to kill database locks just prior to the execution of the ETL process.  We do not want to over privilege this user.


Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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