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04-28-2020 02:26 PM
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I created a spatial SQLite database using ArcMap and I'm trying include a new point in my table (tbl_furos_coordenadas), by SQL, but I'm not having success with this... My table created below:

CREATE TABLE tbl_furos_coordenadas (
OBJECTID integer primary key autoincrement not null,
Shape POINT,
FURO_TX_NO text(254) check(
(typeof(FURO_TX_NO) = 'text' or typeof(FURO_TX_NO) = 'null') and not length(FURO_TX_NO) > 254),
FURO_VL_MC float64 check(
typeof(FURO_VL_MC) = 'real' or typeof(FURO_VL_MC) = 'null'),
FURO_VL_LA float64 check(
typeof(FURO_VL_LA) = 'real' or typeof(FURO_VL_LA) = 'null'),
FURO_VL_PR float64 check(
typeof(FURO_VL_PR) = 'real' or typeof(FURO_VL_PR) = 'null'),
X_SIRGAS float64 check(
typeof(X_SIRGAS) = 'real' or typeof(X_SIRGAS) = 'null'),
Y_SIRGAS float64 check(
typeof(Y_SIRGAS) = 'real' or typeof(Y_SIRGAS) = 'null'),
X_CGS float64 check(
typeof(X_CGS) = 'real' or typeof(X_CGS) = 'null'),
Y_CGS float64 check(
typeof(Y_CGS) = 'real' or typeof(Y_CGS) = 'null')

I'm trying to use this SQL for include a new point:

INSERT INTO tbl_furos_coordenadas (FURO_TX_NO,Shape)
VALUES('GET-9999',Shape('POINT(-42,614064 -24,986632)',4674));

But the error displayed is: SQL Error [1]: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such function: Shape)

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