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SDE 9.3 and Using Spotlight 10.5

02-09-2015 07:22 AM
New Contributor

I'm not a power user, just the person whom has be giving the responsibility.

I come here hoping the the real GIS masters hear my plea and can help, or at least point the way.

Looking to see if other SDE users have run across this potential problem.

In an effort to isolate;

Our organization is still in a 9.3 (no laughing please) SDE environment due to limited outside vendor limitations.

Our SDE Raster has recently been experiencing user wide locked out, frozen failures. This affects our user base city wide to include our emergency response and dispatch.

Timing coincides with using Spotlight 10.5 to run table diagnostics to the table indexes and fragmentation checks. Appears to timeout which in turn seems to degrade the server’s performance vastly. Not locking or crashing, just reads cycle continuously with no improvements once a threshold is hit (86%).

Originally thought was Hardware failure was pending, as a test Spotlight was turned off over the weekend. All reports of errors and or malfunctions have stopped.

I know "It hurts when I poke it", ... "So quite poking it!".


Has any other run across this in the past?

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