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Question On Replication and Archiving

07-18-2018 08:33 AM
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Am setting up an environment with a versioned production editing instance and an un-versioned replica instance that will be used for view-only users.  The production instance will have a geometric network the replica instance will not. We want to establish archiving on the replica instance for a number of business reasons.

My question is: would or how would archiving on the replica instance be affected if we find a need to un-version and then re-version the production instance? 

Any comments would be much appreciated.



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This is a pain in the butt to do.  In order to unregistered a version with an archive, you need deattach the archive from the feature class.  ESRI does not provide any tools to reattach afterwards.   You will have to start with a fresh archive at that point.   As for the replica, I believe if you rebuild a replica it will use the current archive history and not the previous history.

However, because that would not work for us, I wrote a tool that will reattach (well, copies the records into a new archive).   Check out these posts for info on this topic:

 Archive Restore Tool 

Approach for Data Model Changes 

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Here are some threads to review when setting up new versioning and geometric network in ArcMap:

Pro: Bring back the Manage Replicas tool 

Just some ideas when setting up replication and geometric networks in ArcMap as you are planning an eventual migration to Pro.

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