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Publish & Edit Geodatabases, Part 2, Synchronize Changes

04-17-2017 12:26 PM
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So in February we set up our Publish & Edit Geodatabases.  Works great.  And through the help of Jake Skinner learned how to synchronize changes. Which, again, works perfect.  Jake also provided information about using Python to schedule Scheduling a Python script to run at prescribed times- Help | ArcGIS Desktop, but we need help in automating the full process before we set up a schedule. 

Currently I manually stop the services, kill the connections, reconcile and post the versions, compress the SDE, synchronize the changes from edit to publish, then start the services.  

We are looking for best practices, how your organization handles this, what works, what doesn't work. 

I appreciate the feedback, and thanks to all in advance. 

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Hi John,

Attached is a script that I use often when working with customers.  The script stops all ArcGIS Server services, reconcile/posts all version (does not delete the versions) to the DBO.Default version, compresses the database, then starts all the services.

The script will also send an e-mail if there was an error during the reconcile/post or the compress.  An e-mail will also be sent when the compress is successful.

The one thing you will want to add is the synchronization for your replicas before the reconcile/post.  Also, you will want to be sure to update statistics and indexes after the compress.

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Jake, thanks for posting your scripts.  I've always been a bit hesitant about automating the reconcile and post, but plan to try it after looking at your post and the help for ReconcileVersions_management   Reconcile Versions—Help | ArcGIS Desktop    

Have you ever had any of the automated Rec/Post corrupt an SDE?

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rastrauch‌ I personally have not run into any issues with the Rec/Post automation corrupting the database.

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I decided to turn these scripts into a tool since I'm finding myself using this more and more.  It can be found here: 

Hope others find this useful.