Oracle Critical Patch Update - Oct 2014

10-19-2014 09:31 PM
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After applying patch, we cannot establish connection with oracle database from Arc-Catalogue.

Whenever we tries to establish connection with oracle database, ArcCatalogue is getting crashed. Also map services which uses SDE connection has stopped functioning.

Is there any update from esri for the same? please suggest.

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I can confirm we have just experienced the same thing after applying the Oracle October 2014 Patch Set Update. We have temporarily rolled back to the previous previous patch set update and it is working again. We have raised a ticket with ESRI.

ArcGIS 10.1

Oracle (linux x86_64)

Glad i found your post (though not glad you're also experiencing problems) as that way we know it isn't something unique to our setup/environment.

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Please post "In a Place" like Managing Data or Enterprise Geodatabase instead of in your own discussion corner.  You can move posts to a place by clicking on the title, then using the "Move" menu choice to the right.  It would also help to add keyword tags ("Oracle" and "Geodatabase" would seem to be useful ones).

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Support is investigating some of these cases, so I would recommend you contact Esri Support Services as well as Oracle Support in parallel.

Are you able to connect in sqlplus to Oracle and it is just Esri products where you can't connect to Oracle with?

Also, is the issue specific to a certain user(s)? eg: Admin and non-admin

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Our application is experiencing the same crashes after applying the October Database Patch.

Here are our findings.

Connections via sqlplus as all users (admin and non-admin alike) succeeds

Connection via ArcCatalog (10.0/10.1/10.2) crash when attempted with any user from GDB Owner down the line to accounts with only view access.

Connection via ArcCatalog (10.0/10.1/10.2) will only succeed if attempted with elevated (DBA or near-DBA RDBMS privs) account



Win2k8 R2 64bit

ArcSDE 10.2.2

ArcGIS Client (10.0 / 10.1 / 10.2)


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Can you please confirm the exact patch that was installed.

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Oracle® Database Server Version Patch 34

Oracle bundle patch for windows x64:


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chris busskohl‌ Can you contact Esri Support Services and report this behaviour. We would like to investigate these crashes further if possible.

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roger that.

The support request will likely have to be initiated through our SDE Administrator but once opened I can assist on any back-end Oracle ops or information you need.