ObjectID from feature class in spatial view ?

06-09-2020 09:01 AM
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Hi everybody,

whenever making a spatial view through the years (sql server) I always add an inner voice reminding me to pick the objectid, for subsequent registration, coming from the same feature class providing the shape attribute.

I also rechecked the online help seeing that this thing seems to be still enforced Views in an enterprise geodatabase—Manage geodatabases in SQL Server | Documentation 

The problem is that I'd like to create a spatial view between feature class and table with one to many relationship and of course the feature class ObjectID would be duplicated in a such a case. I tested the other way (ObjectID from table class) which obviously provides unique values in the final view  and seems to be working fine.

Is this acceptable despite the documentation does not seem to support it ? The spatial view would be read only non versioned.

I need it to workaround some mysterious ArcGIS Pro limitations when dealing with temporal data joined in a map as discussed here Temporal data in separated tables ? Bug ? 

Thanks for your help.


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