Not seeing edits posted to default version at the database tier (i.e. Querying via SQL Developer) until a week after posting

08-24-2021 01:12 PM
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As the title says, for some reason I do not see posted edits at the database tier until the week after they're posted. I can't figure out why, I've looked through the relevant documentation and nothing about this. We are using ArcGIS 10.2.1. Our SDE is using oracle 11g. 

For example: if I start an edit session and new version, edit a point feature and then post it on say Wednesday, it will be visible in the default version within ArcMap after the posting completes. However, if I go to sql developer and query that same feature you will not see the edit until the next monday for some reason. 

Am I not querying the default version using sql developer? What's going on here?




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Sounds like the edits are showing up after the compress, which would be expected.

What geodatabase administration processes are run over the weekend?

This is from the compress documentation (versions would not matter):

To maintain database performance, the geodatabase administrator must periodically run the Compress command to remove unused data and states. Only the geodatabase administrator can run a compression operation. Compressing performs two key tasks:

  • It removes unreferenced states and their associated delta table rows.
  • It moves entries in the delta tables common to all versions into the base tables, reducing the amount of data the database needs to search through for each version query, thereby improving query performance and system response time.

--- George T.
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See I’ve read that and it seems like the most plausible thing, but I don’t gather that as the cause for not seeing the edits. Once they are posted to the default why would I not see them at the database tier until after a compress? They were posted to the default version and I think by default that is what you would be querying when connecting through another interface like SQL developer or python.

We do run a weekly compress, actually we compress twice; one is a quick compress, the other is an attempt to get state 0

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If you prefer to check from the Database end, will suggest using the Versioned View to query and check the updated data, instead of directly checking the Feature Class Base table.

Read versioned data in Oracle using versioned views 

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