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Moving feature data that is archive enabled

03-02-2018 03:28 AM
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I´m trying to move a feature class and an related attach table to a new geodatabase. As dose tables are used for field collection I set them as archived to enable feature server and the sync capability.

The problem with archived data is that the Geodatabase connection will not allow me to access all data available in the tables, only dose that are currently valid according to GDB_TO_DATE or that is within a given point of time according to both GDB_FROM_DATE and GDB_TO_DATE.

Is there an easy Esri solution on how to move the tables and keep all data in the transfer? 

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Hi Jonas,

You can get the data easily by adding the feature class to ArcMap, selecting the layer in the table of contents and then run the Add Historical Archive tool on the Geodatabase History toolbar.  This will add all of the features in the archive feature class.  You can then export this to the other geodatabase.

The issue is with the attachments.  There won't be an easy way that I can find to maintain these.  The only I have found is to export the attachments out to disk (see the following script on how to do this).  Export the table to the same geodatabase, enable attachments, and then execute the Add Attachments tool to reference the attachments on disk.

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Hi Jake,

Thanks for your quick response. I have however successfully found another way to migrate the data and keep the relations intact that I think is easier. You answer will however solve some other tasks I am dealing with.

What I did is, I exported the schema and re-created the tables in the new DB, activated the archiving, then populated them using FME and SQL reader/writers, dbo for attachments and spatial for the features. Last I had to re-calulate the spatial index for the tables. What I can see so far there is no issues with the data and the attachment relations is intact.

Do you know of any dangers with the way I have move the data?

I do think that it would be good if Esri developed a tool that can migrate from DB to DB an entire archived table and/or attachments if it exists with a single tool, that is able to maintain the existing relations and still be archived.



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This was an amazing tip. I've never heard of this tool in all my years of doing GIS. Thank you so much for sharing!

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