Issues with Reconcile/Post User Version

06-19-2017 06:47 AM
New Contributor

We have been experiencing an unusual issue with our enterprise versioned geodatabase. We have 9 active versions within our geodatabase. We have a nightly python script that loops through these versions and reconciles and posts. According to the nightly script log the script gets to a certain version and it hangs and does not finish. After manually opening this users version and trying to reconcile and post the reconcile seems to work, but when posting this specific version it hangs in ArcMap as well. We are not sure what could cause this issue and are having a hard time moving forward. We have deleted this version and created a new one and the user seems to be able to r/p fine in ArcMap. I would like to know if there are instances where user versions can become corrupted. Is this something that can happen from time to time in a versioned geodatabase? 

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