Issues with LRS Events

10-22-2021 11:03 AM
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I am constantly having issues with LRS data when I use tools such as locating features along routes, overlays, etc. The MAIN problem is that when I create a route event layer from my resulting tables and my LRS dataset, I constantly get Location Errors such as "Zero Length Extent", "PARTIAL MATCH FOR THE TO-MEASURE", "PARTIAL MATCH FOR THE FROM-MEASURE", "MEASURE EXTENT OUT OF ROUTE MEASURE RANGE". As a result, when I export a event layer into a feature class, I end up with missing segments.

Does anyone have advise for:

  1. Tips and tricks for dealing with and preventing these issues?

  2. Setting and updating the M Tolerance and Resolution to help rectify or prevent these issues

With that said, I mentioned that I'm using ArcMap, but I'm pretty sure these issues are just as much data related as they are software specific, though I realize different software packages might do their LRS differently.

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