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Issue in deleting record from a feature class from oracle sde database

03-20-2018 08:06 AM
New Contributor III

Users are facing issue in deleting any record from any feature class from Orcale SDE database though they can update or insert new data. The error message is "An unexpected failure occurred. Operation Failed..”

There is no privilege issue as it was working fine in the past days.

ArcGIS -10.2.2

Oracle -11g

Can anyone help on this?

Thank you.

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Occasional Contributor II

In ArcCatalog, ensure that the privileges for those users on the data have not changed (when things go wrong I like to DOUBLE check what I think I already know).

In ArcCatalog connect to your Oracle database, find any one of the features classes/tables that the users cannot edit .  Right click the feature class (if the data is inside a dataset then you will right click the dataset), manage-> privileges.  Make sure those users have all four update options selected.

Double check if this data is in any relationship classes or networks.  If they are, and are the origin of the relationship/network, then you may be breaking referential integrity trying to delete records.  If this is this case...

are you familiar with Oracle logs and tracing?  I'm sure we could get more information with a trace.

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