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How to organize my base with ArcSDE?

06-14-2016 06:58 AM
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Once installed base ArcSDE and Oracle
How I organize my features at the base, with that user and that scheme should save all features.... basically structure and organization at the base.-


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Esri Regular Contributor

Create a schema owner or owners to host the spatial data.

From ArcCatalog connect as SYS and create the new user


you can create more than one schema owners depend the data you have and way you want to organize the data

for example a schema owner for the Vector and one other for the Rasters

or a schema owner for the Operational Data and one other for the Basemap Layers

or a schema owner for the Public Available Data and one other for the confidential........and so on.

Also keep in your mind that the different schema owners can help you to manage better the DBMS backup.

For example the a schema with static spatial data (e.g images) does not need to participate in to  the every day backup process.

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