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How to interpret sde.ST_Geometry.POINTS property in Oracle

05-12-2015 03:04 AM
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I use ArcSDE 10.2 with Oracle 11g and I use ST_Geometry as the default GEOMETRY_STORAGE.

I work in .NET Framework and I use the Oracle Developer Tools (ODT) to create a wrapper for the User Defined-Type (UDT) ST_Geometry. I can read the whole object structure but I don't know how to interpret the binary stream stored in the POINTS property of the ST_GEOMETRY object.

With refer to: ArcGIS Help 10.1​, ESRI says that:

"Points: Contains the byte stream of the point coordinates that define the geometry" but no further detail is given.

Is there any documentation about that or anyone knows how to interpret the POINTS property?

Thanks in advance


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Is this what you require?

ArcGIS Help (10.2, 10.2.1, and 10.2.2)

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Thank you for the answer but ST_GEOMETRY.POINTS is not stored as OGC WKB. POINTS property stores a binary stream of coordinates. The problem is to know how the coordinates are encoded.

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The POINTS stream layout is unchanged from 9.2 (when HIGH precision was added), and virtually unchanged since 3.0.  There's plenty of older documentation which details the format  Using it, however, is not best practice.  Instead use the SDE.ST_AsBinary or SDE.ST_AsText accessors, and then you won't be impacted if it does change.

- V

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Thank you, but using SDE.ST_AsBinary or SDE.ST_AsText  is not an option because of performance issues,

Can you send me some links to old documentation that describe that format, please?



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Hi Andrea, 

If you got the POINTS blob format resource, can you share it ?

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Hi all... 

I also have a similar problem... please could you post your code for the wrapper?

I tried to develop myself but nothing works fine.

Thanks a lot!


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