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How could I fix geometry of a Geodatabase Feature Class?

05-08-2017 06:23 AM
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Hi everybody... How could I fix geometry of a Geodatabase Feature Class?
I did running "Check Geometry" on ArcTool Box > Data Manangement Tool > Features > Check Geometry - with out sucessfully as message error below:

"The Check Geometry and Repair Geometry tools only accept shapefiles, personal geodatabases, and file geodatabases as input. Other formats are not valid input to these two tools."

Could any one help me with this issue?

Esri ArcSde 9.3 for Oracle10g
ArcGIS 9.3

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what is it then if it isn't one of the required?

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Yeah supposedly an SDE workspace validates features when they are loaded but I have seen issues with that. Is there a specific type of geometry problem you are noticing? One idea would be export your FC to file geodatabase, find/fix your geo errors, then overwrite it in SDE.

Good luck.


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When Data is added to a SDE Geodatabase it is automatically checked and repaired if needed.  If you think something happened to your database your best bet might be to create a new GDB has load your data into it.  Given you are running 9.3 you not going to be bale to get much support given how long it has been deprecated.

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What is leading you to believe that you may have geometry errors in the feature class?

If the data is not versioned, you could export the FC to a file geodatabase and re-run the GP tool and reload after the data is corrected.

--- George T.
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