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How are Feature Class Deletes Recorded in SQL Server

03-30-2015 12:42 PM
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Hi.  I hope this question makes sense as I'm not a database person.  We are trying to track down an error in an application (we didn't write) that is made up of esri's javascript api and python api/scripts.  We're trying to track down in the code where an unexpected number of deletes are occurring.  When the event occurs, all we have to go on is the SQL Server log which lists thousands of "DELETE FROM PROJECTS_FEATURE_CLASS WHERE OBJECTID IN (xxx)" statements within fraction of seconds from each other. The "xxx" is a single objectid.

So, my question is... if using the api the code were to select a bunch of features and then execute a delete statement against the selection, would the database log each feature delete separately?  We aren't finding a loop in the code so thought maybe it's more about how a single delete of multiple features would be handled in the database.

Again, I hope that makes sense.  And thanks for any help.

Mary Ellen

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