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HELP: Connected Replica sync fails "No support for this geometry type."

04-29-2016 09:13 AM
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We use SQL Server 2012 and have ArcGIS.

I created a connected one way (Parent to child) replica from database A to database B.

It has been working fine, but the last sync gave me a "no support for this geometry type error".

I looked at the feature classes and didn't find any strange geometry issues.  I compressed, rebuilt indexes and analyzed the database as well.  It still would not work.

I kept the non-working replica and created a new replica (register exisitng data) and the new replica worked; however,

new changes in database A did not sync over (because I am registering exiting data).

What are my options in this scenario?

I would prefer not having to delete the existing data out of database B and then start over.  Database B has data syncing from several other databases.

Any help appreciated,

Amy Rose

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Well, I have figured this out.  User error but with a helpful hint on correcting the issue.

I accidently added a feature class to the replica that did not exist in the child.  The replica sync'd fine until there was actual changes in that feature class.

Instead of re-building the replica (which would have been painful), a GIS colleague recommended deleting the feature class out of the GDB_ITEMS table in SQL, making sure the path is correct.

I did back-up everything before trying this solution.  I hope to ask ESRI at a meeting later this month to see if this is an "OK" practice or not, but it worked for us (so far).

I will try to remember to comment on what ESRI says.

Hope this helps someone,

Amy Rose

by Anonymous User
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Hi Amy,

Its not recommended to edit the database tables to remove information about a feature class Information on a feature class in the geodatabase is stored in many different tables in the geodatabase, not just the GDB_Items table.

The better method is to unregister that one feature class from the replica using the ArcMap/Catalog tools. Then you could create a new replica for that one feature class OR after successfully synchronizing the other data in the replica: unregister the replica, copy the new feature class to the child geodatabase, and then re-register the replica with existing data.

To unregister one feature class from the replica, you would use the Replica Manager (see the link below for more information):

  1. Open the Replica Manger
  2. Right click the replica>Properties
  3. Under the description tab, locate the feature class, right click and click "UnRegister from Replica"

A quick tour of replica management—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Hope this helps!


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I'm getting this error trying to create a replica. I am creating a replica from a sql server express geodatabase to a file geodatabase stored on the network drive. 

The replica contains several datasets, tables, and feature classes. 

Any advice?

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