Has PostgreSQL 9.6 been tested?

08-01-2017 12:20 PM
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We have been asked to try and use PostgreSQL 9.6 as the release version for our enterprise geodatabase because that is the release version the rest of the organization has moved to for all PostgreSQL database servers.

Does Esri have any intention on releasing an installer for 9.6 or are the 9.5.x versions all that will be released for ArcGIS 10.5.1?

Based upon the documentation for supported versions, the PostgreSQL installers get updated with the major version releases of esri software.  Is this going to be the case for PostgreSQL 9.6?

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Honestly, these kind off questions (about upcoming releases or support for new versions) will be best answered by contacting Esri Tech Support.

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I did contact Tech Support who reached out to the Dev team who stated that it will be supported in a future release but where unable to say which one.  Thank you for your guidance on this topic.

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You can link this page... they are pretty quick to update help pages after an announcement is made for newly supported versions of anything. You won't find any guaranteed date for anything based on past announcments