handling multiple effective/active dates for a single feature

06-28-2018 07:46 AM
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I'm hoping someone can provide suggestions or experience with this matter, I'm at a loss of how i might approach this.

Essentially I would like to have a single feature, say a point, where the farmers market occurs every weekend. I would like to somehow enter all of the individual dates that this is point is in effect, so that I can have a map that filters all event features by "today's date" (or selected date) and shows all occurring events.

It would be ideal to have a solution that can handle all the variables like a calendar entry. ie every 3rd monday, or 10th day of the month...

First approach is to have multiple overlapping points, however when looking at all the events throughout the year you'll end up with many overlapping points, also you'll have to enter each one individually, bleh

Another idea might be to split up the date into multiple attributes

weekday / month / date / year

monday / january / 31 / 2018

therefore weekends can be handled with a query on the weekday, and the X day of the month can be handled with a query on the date... 

this approach removes the calendar selection and date verification, but maybe that's acceptable ...

any help or suggestions would be great!


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