Geometric network on replica gdb

04-27-2016 06:51 AM
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I have my default working geodatabase and I need to build geometric network. But I don't want to built it on this gdb. So my idea was to create replica of my default geodatabase due to synchronization of my data and build geometric network on the replica. But when I try it, ArcGIS told me that cannot create geometric network. The selected feature dataset does not contain any feature classes which can participate in a new geometric network.

So is there any option to have my original gdb without geometric network and one another gdb with geometric network and synchronized data in both gdbs?

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't think you could build a geometric network on a replica. Have you tried making a copy of the data to a geodatabase to see if will allow you to create the network?

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Did you take a look at:

Replication and terrains, network datasets, parcel fabrics, and representations—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS...

Create your Network dataset in your "parent" database and, after that, create a Parent to Child Replica to your "child" dataset. Include only feature classes . If you want, you will be able to build a new network dataset in your child replica.


Jesús de Diego

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That's the point'. I don't want to have network dataset on my parent replica I would like to have in only on my child replica.

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