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Geodatabase rebuild indexes

12-04-2018 07:17 AM
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this is alberto Ordonez from Esri Spain. An important Telco customer is asking about a particular question related to rebuild indexes on an Oracle Geodatabase (Oracle10g and ArcSDE 9.3.1 Sp2). In order to rebuild indexes for all schema owners and sde, they are asking if it possible to use Alter index rebuild online instead of Alter index rebuild because first method is less restrictive and faster.

Thank you.

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Hi Alberto,

We'd probably recommend they stick to the non-online option here. the ONLINE keyword rebuilds the indexes while still allowing queries against them. It also means there is some cleanup needed after the process is done to capture anything that was done while the indexes were being rebuilt.

Our documentation uses the non-online option so that is what I'd recommend to your user.

FAQ: What indexes in Oracle should be frequently rebuilt to maintain optimal performance with versio... 

ALTER INDEX REBUILD  (See the Usage Notes section, second paragraph on what ONLINE does)


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Thanks Jonathan.

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Also take a look here.

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