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Geodatabase Enterprise error ORA-02327

04-07-2018 10:20 AM
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Hi guys,

I have a File Geodatabase that contains Feature classes, Attribute tables, and relationship class.

I have exported all data as XML Workspace so I can import the data into an Oracle Geodatabase Enterprise ( Oracle version: Oracle 12c R2 (64 bit) ).

When I try to import XML Workspace document I receive this error

Any help please to fix this error and load data?


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    Have you been able to identify the field which is getting created as a type LOB? Chances are upon XML import its trying to create this table in a tablespace and encountering the ORA-02327 error. As it indicated, you cannot move or rebuild an index on a LOB datatype in another tablespace.

Oracle DBA: How to rebuild a LOB Index in oracle 


   Therefore, I'd suggest changing the column datatype, or using an import / load method that won't automatically try to create an index on this field. You could try running the feature class to feature class GP tool, or creating a schema only table in Oracle mapped from the schema of the source table, and then load data for this particular feature class. I hope this is helpful!