Fix for corrupt Feature Class in file GDB?

02-01-2017 07:21 AM
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Using ArcGIS 10.4, I have a point feature class in a file GDB that is somehow corrupt. I've tried Recovering the File GDB, that feature class comes back empty. I've tried uncompress, it tells me nothing is compressed even though the command should be dimmed out in that case. I've tried deleting and recreating the spatial index. When I try to export the data I get an error or it exports 2632 features even though the table says it has 2951 features. copy and paste fails when I choose paste from the popup menu with the error "copy failure". You can't see the missing features (features that won't export or import or paste) in the map, just that the table says they are there and you can select all and get 2951 of 2951 features. Even if you export just the table, you get 2632 features in the output table.

I tried adding fields to the table so I could calc geometry, but after adding field to the table it then shows only 2632 records.

Any help recovering 300 points would be appreciated!

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What I found to work was to import the feature class into QGIS. If you're able to view the missing data here then you can export your file to a GeoPackage. Once exported to a GeoPackage, export your GeoPackage to a shapefile and then view it in ArcGIS again. If everything seems to be restored then export your shapefile to your GDB as the feature class you original started with, and overwrite your old one. 

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This worked for me to!  I had 66 features that were visible, 715 in the table.  None of the Esri tools worked to recover the geometry.  QGIS didn't seem to have any problem reading and Esri file geodatabase.  So strange that Esri has a problem reason their own native database.  Since it got exported to a shapefile, I had to add the fid_1 field to the file geodatabase that I was copying into which gave me a unique value to join back to since it truncated many of my field names.  Then, I just calculated the field values once it was joined.  This saved 3 weeks worth of work.  Thank You!

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I have had this exact same problem. I can't pinpoint what exactly causes it (am thinking it is losing connection when saving an edit, but nothing happens where I am sure that is the cuase), but I experience what all the other users said (differing total number of features, error thrown when sorting, not all features drawing). Compress, compact, nothing I tried worked. A workaround I have found similar to some other users is to bring the data into QGIS. If you look at the attribute table it will say, for example, 720 features, 716 filtered. If you export to shapefile, you will end up with 716 features, with the corrupt records removed. You can then either create a new fgdb feature class in your schema, and append the shapefiles back in (being mindful of the truncated field names not mapping automatically), or if you have a unique ID, do some sort of join to get your features back. While I understand any data can get corrupted, I concur with others that I haven't seen this behavior in SDE or shapefiles, so I feel like there is the potential for some sort of fix or recovery tool in the ESRI environment, or at least some sort of tool that would tell you what the error was.