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File Geodatabase corrupt after retrieving it from archive

05-02-2019 01:31 PM
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I went to retrieve a FGDB from archive today and found that It could not be read and gave a generic error.

I tried to read it in ArcGIS Pro / Arc Catalogue, both of which could not read it. I looked at different geodatabases and it seems the problem is hit or miss but may have to do with large that 100mb size (not confirmed). However, I found a database that had been archived and had a copy that had not been archived, both should be exactly the same except one is corrupt like above and the other is not. I talked to IT and he said we use VisaVersa for archiving data. Has anyone else had a similar problem and can give insight into it and how to remediate the situation?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

It's unclear how you archived the file geodatabase (a brief search on "VisaVersa" does not locate backup software), but one of the tenets of making backups is to validate their efficacy.  If you haven't made a snapshot, cloned it, archived it, deleted it, and successfully restored (based on a byte-wise comparison of the clone and post-restore), you don't really have a backup. 

If ArcGIS tools can't read the restored file, you may not have very many options.  Contacting Tech Support could confirm that the file is corrupt, and they may be able to tell whether this is a partial or complete loss situation.

- V