Errors when connecting to file geodatabases

07-27-2016 08:01 AM
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I’ve been getting strange errors lately when trying to connect to file geodatabases on a server.  Attached are a couple screenshots of different error popups.  The message is often different but usually says one, more, or all of the follow:

Failed to connect to database.

FDO error: -1

FDO error: -1 [GDB_Items]

FDO error: -1 [GDB_ItemRelationships]

FDO error: -1 [GDB_SystemCatalog]

This release of the GeoDatabase is either invalid or out of date. [Invalid Geodatabase release]

It does not always error. Usually it’s fine but sometimes it errors like this.  When it does not error, the properties of the .gdb says the database is current (see attachment).

Also (and this may be circumstantial) but it usually seems to happen when I try to publish a cached service.  The cache uses vector data from its own databases so I don't know why it would affect all the others, but I wanted to throw that out as well to round out the picture.

Does anyone know what this is?  Or how to fix it?  Should those databases be rebuilt?


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Daniel - I know you said this was a File Geodatabase, but it looks like you're attempting to connect to an enterprise geodatabase. Are you working with SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2? What is the version of ArcMap you are using, and what is the version of the DBMS? This type of error has been resolved by restarting the database instance in the past.

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What happens when you copy the .gdb folder off the file server to a local disk, and access it there?  This sounds like a networking issue (and best practice is to avoid network shares of file geodtabases).

- V

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Just an FYI, the managers who built this system have left and I got thrown into the deep end and trying to figure things out as I go.  So if I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably true.

The errors do seem to be connected to caching a service.  Things were fine until I tried finishing some caching last night and everything went wonky again.  So the caching process seems to be the common denominator.

JLenhardt, we do have SQL Server Enterprise but those databases work fine.  The ones that constantly have connection issues are file geodatabases on a file server. And I’m not sure how to see the version of the fgdb.  When I check properties it looks the same as the attached image from before; it does not show the version.  Is there a way to check the version of a file geodatabase?

Vangelo, what are “network shares of file geodatabases”? When I copied the fgbd to a different server it did open fine.  So it might be a networking issue since it’s the caching that seems to be the problem. Do you think services should be run from SQL databases instead?

The system is set up like this, as far as I know:

--We have a file server with file geodatabases where we publish services from.
--There are two ArcGIS Servers with file geodatabases that match the file server geodatabases.  Somehow the services run off of these.

The cached service uses data from a separate fgdb so I don’t understand why it would cause connection errors on every other fgdb on the file server.

Hopefully that made sense and gives a fuller picture of my problems.

Thanks for any help given.  It is much appreciated.

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