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Enable SQL Access - Versioned Views

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02-19-2015 06:31 AM
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To give a little context on the actual situation;

- We have an enterprise GDB in which changes are made along daytime in large quanitities.

- The GDB is registered as versioned.

- The compress process is made two times in the day at 12h and 0h.

- In a parallel process, another application intends to give a report in real-time using data from an alphanumeric database.

- This application needs to retrieve the spatial data directly from SQL tables.

- Due to some active connections, the compress level never reaches level zero, so the tables in SQL don't reflect all changes made in ArcGIS.

So, my issues are the following:

- The "Enable SQL access" option in ArcCatalog is always disabled (The connection to the GDB is made with a sysadmin user in SQL)

- Is there a way to reach level zero in the compress?

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I've tried so, recently ESRI people told us to stop the "ArcSOC" process in our server in order to kill those "ghost" connections, I'll try to do so and I'll post it.

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Below is a link to a script that shows how to start/stop all services.  Services accessing your SDE data will need to be stopped to disconnect the user connection.  This may be helpful if you script your compress operation.

ArcGIS Help 10.1