Display issues for large rasters in geodatabase

12-07-2021 12:41 PM
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Hello, I am using ArcMap 10.7 to process and map very large raster datasets. While I would like to store my rasters in a file geodatabase for better compression, I am having issues with getting them to correctly display and map (both data and layout view).

When zoomed out to a large area, the rasters show more/larger pixels than should exist. This does not happen when the rasters are in a TIF format. I attached maps to compare the same 30m rasters in a gdb (darker, more locations shown) versus the rasters with a TIF format (accurate locations). 

I'm guessing this is a display issue. I've tried deleting and rebuilding pyramids and attempted to change the feature cache. How do I change my settings so that the rasters in the gdb are accurately displayed?

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