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Disable 'Allow Geodatabase Connections' does not block connections coming from ArcGIS Server

04-24-2017 02:19 PM
Occasional Contributor II

We have ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server running and we have set up all map services to connect to ArcSDE through a specific user called GIS_SVC.  This service user does not have administrative privileges on any SDE databases.  It only has the level of permission necessary for the various map services.  We have a couple of automated scripts that manipulate feature classes in these SDE databases and require temporarily disabling the 'Allow Geodatabase Connections' at the database level and disconnecting all usrs.  Recently, our scripts have been crashing due to the GIS_SVC user reconnecting to the database while the script is still running.  I have also noticed the same thing happening when I manually disable the 'Allow Geodatabase Connections' and then manually disconnecting all users.  

Has anybody else noticed similar issues?  I'm thinking that I will need to submit a ticket with Esri.


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