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10-21-2016 09:17 AM
by Anonymous User
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We currently have 10 users that are working in our enterprise environment on a daily basis.  Our current versioning workflow is to create a new version for each project that we work on.  Between the 10 users, this can total out to about 10-15 new versions every single day.  You can imagine how quickly our version count climbs rapidly with this workflow. 

My question is whether or not it is best practices to simply have a version for each user that they perform all of their own edits in, or is it better to seclude the projects themselves as we have been doing? 

Any other best practice advice is much appreciated as well. 

Thanks in advance!

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A decision on which one to choose may depend on factors like:

  • How much edits do the editors do on a daily basis
  • How frequently is Reconcile\Post, deletion of versions, compress done

I guess, if it is feasible, just having one version per editor will be sufficient and easy to manage.

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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for the reply.  I'll add comments to your bullet points below:

  • "How much edits do the editors do on a daily basis"
    • The users are creating new versions for each respective project that they do.  Each project has 5 feature classes that have new data added to them.  The users are creating brand new designs for proposal to our customers, which can total up to miles of fiber, anywhere from 1-1000 termination point sites, and various generalized points along the route for costing purposes. 
  • "How frequently is Reconcile\Post, deletion of versions, compress done"
    • The users reconcile and post their edits as the last task for each and every project they work on.  The create their design, run some customized tools, verify the tools worked accordingly, and then reconcile and post back to the default version.
    • Essentially versions are deleted once users begin complaining of diminished performance.  I've seen upwards of 500+ versions before.  
    • I compress along the same timeline as the last comment. 

*EDIT* I removed "created" and added "deleted" in the above statements.  I used the wrong wording. 

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