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Creating a replicate or a mock SDE in a local environment?

01-23-2018 10:14 AM
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My department is wanting to test out new Utilities Network, and we where curious about finding a way to circumvent the SDE requirement when creating a utilities network. At present we would need to run the network in an enterprise SDE, and I was hoping I might be able to test features out before I push creating the network in our SDEs. Normally this type of stuff would be done on a replicate file geodatabase, but it would seem that the Utilities Network requires an SDE to run. Is there a way I can simply locally create a SDE to which to run this, or perhaps trick ArcGIS into thinking a file geodatabase is an SDE?

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You can create a Personal SDE gdb (Desktop geodatabase), which can have a maximum capacity of 10 GB (as it has SQL Server Express as backend database).

This comes free with ArcGIS Desktop and won't need any separate licensing..

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Hi Nathan,

The licensing for the new Utility Network Management Extension (UNME) is done through ArcGIS Enterprise. However, a lot of the functionality that is required to be in place before one can publish a Utility Network (Branch Versioning as an example) requires the use of an enterprise geodatabase rather than a file or desktop geodatabase. So in order for your organization to really be able to test out the UNME, you need a development environment that meets these requirements. 

My personal recommendation here is to setup a new enterprise geodatabase (you can use the Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool in ArcGIS Pro) for use as a development environment to test with. But to answer your question, no there isn't a way to get around this enterprise geodatabase requirement if you want to be able to work with the UNME.


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