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09-26-2019 06:37 AM
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Dear all,

Still using ArcGIS 10.5. File GDB.

i need to create a huge list of subtype. and i have it in a excel file.

It is easy to make it a domain. but not easy to make it a subtype.

I am trying to make a list out of the excel, and than import it using the "Add subtype" tool in toolbox to the subtype.

Did anyone tried this?

does it work?



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The Add Subtype tool requires you have a table (feature class) that already has a subtype field designated.  This tool will add more code name pairs to the already setup subtype.  The "input table" listed in the tool is the already existing feature class that has the subtype already setup, unfortunately.  This tool is different than the "Table to Domain" tool.

I do not know of a way to import a large list of subtypes in a table automatically, but as you mentioned this can easily be done with a domain.

You may have to setup each subtype individually.  I have found this is much easier to do in Pro using the "Data" ribbon, "Subtypes" tab, and then clicking on the Create/Manage.  This will allow you to add multiple subtypes (albeit manually) without having to run the "Add Subtype" tool multiple times.

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Pedro - I found an old GeoNet thread that redirects to Dropbox to download a toolbox/python script that's been updated from 9.x to 10.4 ArcMap.  Might be worth a try - let me know how it goes.

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good morning... been on holidays.

meanwhile i solved it +/-.

Using Python:

- First i created a List (i will need to create some other list for other subtypes in different FC)

- Second I copied the list to a second script that does the subtype using the following arcpy.AddSubtype_management

Now the challenge is to add a default domain to a field for some of these!


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