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Copy Runtime Content

04-04-2016 12:58 AM
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I have a .geodatabase runtime geodatabase that works fine on a custom android mobile application built with ArcGIS SDK for android (this runtime gdb contains feature classes, tables, relationship classes, and attachments). when I try to import the data stored in this database using Copy Runtime Geodatabase To File Geodatabase tool, the tool start running, but it suddenly stops and the ArcMap crashes as shown in the screenshot below.

The .geodatabase runtime gdb is attached

What might be the problem here?

Any help is highly appreciated





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I am running ArcMap 10.4.  When I run the tool from within ArcMap using your sample data, it hangs (runs indefinitely with no disk I/O or CPU).  When I run the tool directly in the Python interpreter, it crashes.

I suggest you open an Esri Support case.

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