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Azure SQL read scale-out and ArcGIS Publication Geodatabase

02-21-2021 04:26 PM
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Hi all,

I am in the process of architecting ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 solution with Utility Network in Azure for a large Electricity distribution client. Client currently has on-premise solution with a geodatabase for editing (System of Record) and a geodatabase for publication (System of Engagement) Client wants to continue with similar architecture for ArcGIS Utility Network ie workload separation between network editors and web map/app users. Web App users will need to perform UN traces so publication database needs to maintain UN topology.

As I understand, geodatabase replication does not support Utility Network topology or anything that uses branch versioning. To meet client's requirements for the workload separation (UN editing vs web maps / web traces etc) we are thinking of proposing Azure SQL's read-only replica. As I understand, ArcGIS geodatabase connection strings support APPLICATIONINTENT=ReadOnly parameter. And that is all seems to be needed to access read-only replica in Azure SQL.

Does anyone have experience setting this up and can confirm if it works? Is this a valid/supported/certified configuration by ArcGIS Enterprise? 



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I am interested in this Architecture myself. Love to hear an overview or more details on how this can be setup. 

Is the readonly replica a File Geodatabase?

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@VishApte, did you manage to set this up?

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