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Azure SQL database read error

11-28-2019 12:41 AM
New Contributor II

Hello GIS community,

Im receiving an error while trying to add Azure SQL database table into ArcGIS Pro. 

The error I receive is below. 

I do have all the rights to access this table. 

Additionally, I can access this table in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. 

Any help or opinion would be greatly appreciated. 



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Although you are using ArcGIS Pro, that looks like an ArcObects fdoError code.  The hex code 0x8004152A maps to error -2147216086:  FDO_E_SE_ATTR_NOEXIST.  (  )

Beyond offering up the possible error code translation above, it will be hard for anyone to comment since you haven't provided any specifics on the table structure, how you are connecting to it in Pro, and how you are trying to add it in Pro.

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Hello Ben

Check your table's fields, maybe you have some special characters in their names.
ArcGis doesn't work well with this characters in the names.


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