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Auto-increment with Attribute Rules

06-06-2019 04:06 AM
New Contributor III

Hi everyone,
I'm experimenting with using of Attribute Rules on my Enterprise Geodatabase. I'd like to use this useful feature to auto-increment an ID code according to my specific scheme:
I'd need that for each new entry in a table, the field with the id-code (a "long type" field) increments by 10 units with respect to the maximum value already existing in the table. I've tried this expression

Max ($ feature.name_of_the_field) + 10

but without result. The RDBMS is Microsoft SQL Server.   

Can someone help me?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Alfonso,

I believe a related conversation is happening over at Auto-Increment Field within SDE. There should be some information throughout that thread that you may find valuable to your workflow.


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New Contributor III

Thanks Colin, so it's not possible to get the desired result through Attribute Rules and I have to act on the SQL Server, right?

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